Nutrition and Exercise: Your Perfect Guideline to Losing Weight and Burning Fat

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I’m excited to have you, congratulations on your decision to look and feel better, there’s no better way to start with, than to start with one mind.

I want you to open yourself up, free up space in your mind decide to do the needful and determine to achieve your weight goals. First believe you can achieve your target weight, working strictly with my meal plan and other materials made available to you, rather than getting worked up. Understand your body and work with it. Instead of treating the physical appearance fight the cause.


Congratulations on your decision to change your looks and better your health, this is the beginning of a healthier life style fit and more confident you, expect to loose between 5-10 kg, shed 4-7 inches off your body per month on this program whether you are just starting your fitness journey or you have been on it for a while.

A very important key to your success on this program is your mindset, your transformation starts right from the mind, it is nearly impossible to achieve long term results if you don’t resolve your mind issues to prevent personal sabotage. So ensure you follow the steps in the mind shift guide.

This fitness plan will get close the results you desire, just like it has done for many congratulations once again.


It’s important to be physically active. Many people hate to exercise, who else hates exercises the way I do…?

However, exercise are key to weight loss, starting exercises and maintaining them over a period of time is important and makes you get used to it.

If you want to loose weight, you need to focus on the right nutrition and get enough exercises. This guide will tell you all about how to eat healthy, how the right foods can help you reach your fitness goals and it also introduces you to healthy habits. I hope you enjoy! Good to know

When considering what carbohydrates to add to your dies, it’s important to  remember that not all carbs are alike, there’s a big difference between simple and complex carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates such as refined sugar or white flour production should not be a regular part of a balanced diet. Choose brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, legumes and vegetables, these foods count as complex carbohydrates and certain a large amount of fibre.

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  • Follow the plan strictly; we have made room for food preferences by providing options. Do not include any food even though you feel it’s healthy, healthy does not guarantee weight loss
  • If there are any food items you feel strongly about but isn’t included in the meal plan, get in touch rightaway
  • The food quantity have been specified please. Stick to them, use your measuring cups
  • You are expected to take detox tea twice daily – first thy in the morning and last thing at right
  • Detox tea should be taken plain or with natural sweetener honey only
  • You can choose to add a squeeze of lime / lemin or both
  • Recommended bend of detox tea include lipton black tea, green tea
  • Cereals coals (golden morn) should only be sweetened with skim milk and honey if necessary (teaspoon)
  • Generally it is best to prepare your meals yourself and it controls key ingredients
  • Skipping – meal is ok when you do not feel hungry
  • Using cooking oils should be very limited only when indicated, however there are alternatives to if e.g fresh tomatoes
  • Low fat dressing should be used fin salads plus a saweeze of lime and lemon (25 cal or less per table spoon C15mls/15g)
  • Fizzy drinks and caffeinated drinks are NOT allowed even juices without added sugar aren’t allowed. When you have carvings drink water or a glass of skin milk of severe).
  • You are allowed to have are cheat meal per week, however never allow your cheat-meal undo what you have been working for.

Safety Measures

  • Begin with a warm up before moving to more intense exercises
  • Wear comfortable shoes when exercising
  • Stay hydrated when exercising – keep a bottle of water handy
  • Stop exercising if you sudden feel dizzy or feel pain the chest or having a headache
  • Lastly settle down after the exercise and stretch your body

NB: You can swap the exercises but ensure you do the necessary workouts each day as required.

Before you Start:

  • Take photos of yourself, this is very important cos photos tell a thousand stories than numbers will. Take a full photo with clothes in from side and back. This is hour you can notice improvements.
  • Weigh yourself: using a scale weigh yourself
  • Body parts measurement- measure your mid arm circumference, mid tigh circumference, bust, waist, abdomen and lips just the way a tailor does using a tape and record in a note book with date. Re-measure weekly every Saturday before meals to track improvement and for comparison at end of 4 weeks take pictures and compare with your start picture to see progress less, below is what your report works like.

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Meal Preparation

  • Deep frying is forbidden use other cooking method such as boiling, steaming grilling, masting
  • Try get all your groceries over the weekend to help you prepare ahead
  • Making meals on weekend and pre-packing them in fridge/freezer weekly for the busy lines
  • For smoothies, fruits and vegetables needed for coleslaw, prepacking them in ziplock bags and storing in Refrigerator usually not more than 72hrs but can last linger in FREEZER for Freezer fruits
  • You will need to purchase food measuring cups to measure certain foods (fruits, vegetables & cereals).

Stretches and aerobics are very crucial to get one the body which in the mid-term helps him to burn more calories at long term.

  • Enjoy/have fun!
  • What you may need
  • Training shoes/canvas
  • An exercise max or rig
  • Sports bra with good support
  • 1-3kg dumbells or improvise with 75cl bottles filled with sand 

Exercises to Explore

  • Push-ups 10 rounds
  • Bench dips
  • Sit-ups
  • Riding bicycle in the air
  • Squats
  • Arm lifts using dumbells
  • Cardio exercise
  • Brisk walk for 15 minutes
  • Skipping 500 rounds increase gradually
  • Dance with medium-high intensity for 15 minutes
  • Jumping jacks (100)
  • Jump savats
  • Warm up exercise
  • Jogging in the sport
  • Self hug
  • Touching alternate toes stretching

Mind Shift Guide

NB: Your secret to a successful weight loss in the mind” unlock your mind and you will achieve your set goals.

Handling Your Subconscious

To loose weight successfully, you need to know that the excess fat you care struggling with are not the main problems, they are mere manifestations of a long time ongoing process, they you don’t even take note of that’s why one can permanently loose weight instead of loosing and gaining it back.

The subconscious mind can make weight loss almost impossible by triggering. The following:

  • Slow Metabolism
  • Increase carvings especially for sugars
  • Increase fat storage

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Reasons’ why you are not loosing weight

Reasons may vary from person to person, many at times people don’t realize how our actions and daily habits are tied to our weights and size. We keep lamenting and complaining hence we are mere sayers and not doers.


We can receive our mind by having a mindset shift by focusing on the target and doing the doable, visualizing our end and results and consistently working our way towards achieving it. It may be painful but the end justifies the mean.

Getting that great body Picture

Setting Goals

Many at times we set goals wrongly, setting the right goals wrongly will definitely smash our efforts. Goals should be SMART

Specific: Your goals must be very clear and unambiguous, think about it. Give yourself some time to be sure of what you really want to achieve e.g I want to be a size to be sure that size is what you desire.

Measurable: Can it be tracked, does it follow a severe, and can it be monitored, does it have steps, at every stage for their goals

Achievable: Is it something that is possible, goals can be achieved in a lung on short term, priorities should not be misplaced. Long term goals should not be fated as at short term and vice versa.

Realistic: Are you goals achievable within the set time, you must set goals that match or is commensurate with the resources & material you have or made available to go or with your body system.

Time bound: Timing is very important in everything we do.

Lasting Doable by You

One can set goals that see possible but not double by the individual involved you goals must be in line with you.

  • Life
  • Body
  • Reality
  • Mind

That miss A dropped from size 16-sizze 10 in 2 minutes doesn’t mean you can achieve same within the same time frame, it may take. You longer. That’s is reason why you must first understand your body.

An individual with inherited fat gene cells will not loose weights at same pace with one who is one the sum side. They can achieve same target  but with different time frame and different resources and activities.

The state of mind also have a key note to play, someone in a stable emotional state may loose weight faster than some are going through emotional troubles and vice versa also a first time mum with faming around her to help out is less over whelms than a mom of 4 kids who have lots to meet up with.

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The Goal Proper

Why do you want o loose weight?

  1. Think about this and fill out your reasons in a sheet of paper,
  2. List as many as you can think of then pick out the priority.

Then categorize these goals into long term medium term and short term goals.

  • Long term goals – 2-3 years achievable e.g. want to feel lighter
  • Medium term – 1 year drop 3 dress sizes
  • Short term – 1-2 months drop a dress size

On the average people who key into my fitness program loose 4-8 kg between 2 weeks and 1 month then loose up to 15-20kg if a repeat is done.

Ready to success

Now that you are done setting your goals, it’s important you give yourself if the best chance of achieving them. May have tried to loose weight but fail. I want you to make a list of any reasons you feel might have made your attempts to loose weight unsuccessful or any reason you feel may disrupt your weight loss proceeds

It is important to pass in certain information to your subconscious telling  it “loosing weight is safe” and it is – for a healthy body on a paper or note work unite down your top 3 reasons you want to lose weight. Keep this paper close to your bed, every morning after prayers go through your goals and every night before bed time review you actions for the day to see if may care in line with your goals. Keep your reasons and goals close to heart so as to constantly motivates.

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30 Day Meal Plan

Week 1-4:

Very important!

Ensure you read all the Guidelines and instructions Before jumping ahead to the Meal plan.

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The plan

  • See the meal plan as a list of options rather than a starvation plan foods can be swapped across different days e.g monday linch can be eaten as Thursday lunch. Never swap lunch or dinner for breakfast. Swap across days and NEVER across times.
  • If you do not like any fruits states in the meal plan feel free to use another first option to replace it in the required portion.

Diet Picture

WEEK 1& 2:

Day Breakfast Snack Lunch Dinner
Mon 2 slice of bread + 1 boiled egg + 1 fruit or 2 slices of breast with baked beans See option in the snack list  I serving vegetable beans with fish or 2 small wraps moi-moi with fish Serving or 1 medium plate fruit salad maximum 4 fruits (Apple, banana, watermelon, orange) may add or dash of lemon/lime with a glass of milk
Tue A glass of skim milk + 2 medium apples can blend into a smothic if desired and sweeten with 1 teaspoon honey See options in the snacks list Serving spaghetti with boiled egg and veggies I medium wrap swallow (garri, semo, wheat/ponded yam with vegetable okro soup or vegetable soup Serving cole slaw +  1 orange + detox tea
Wed I serving or 1 cup cereal + 2 banana or 1 medium apple See options in the snack list Unripe plantain porridge or sweet potato porridge with fish and vegetable + locust beans Serving fish pepper soup (cat fish) or skinkles chicken or organ meat (towel, liver) with veggic
Thurs 1 cup low for yoghurt + 1 banana + apple See option in the snack list I serving rice (white but preferably brown rice) with chicken any sauce or veggie tomato stew 2 cups water melon chinks/cubes or 1 plate fruit serving (4 fruit variety) or fruit salad
Fri 1 serving or 1 cup cereal (oats, golden morn + skimmed milk + 1 serving nots See options in the snack list I serving vegetable beans with fish or 25ml wraps moi-moi with fish Vegetable salad (1 medium plate)
Sat I medium plate/bowl pap or custard + 2 hap table spoon milk or 1 cup oats + milk + 1 fruit (apple or 1 cup pineapple chinks) See options in the snack list I serving plantain (boiled) with egg sauce I medium plate fruit serving (apple, banana, pineapple, papaya, water melon, grape, orange, tangerine)
Sun 2 slices bread (white/brown) with fried egg + 1 teaspoon on  + veggeis (tomato  and green) or 2 slices bread with baked beans See options in the snack lisk Cheat meal Vegetable salad quim a dash of lime


WEEK 3 & 4:

Day Breakfast Snack Lunch Dinner
Mon Smoothie – cup melon 1 ½  cup water melon ½ cup pineapply drinks + apple + ½ cucumber inch ginger root See options in the snack list I serving vegetable beans with fish or 2 small waps moi-moi with fish I serving cat fish pepper soup or skinless chicken or snail with diced plantain or potato with scent leaves
Tue 2 toasted bread with fish or chicken filling + a glass of skim milk See options in the snack list I medium size swallow (garri/wheat/semo/pounded yam) which okro soup or vegetable soup Can salad (shreeded boiled  corn+ green+ red bell pepper+ carrot + 1tsp groundnut oil) or a medium fruit bowl serving
Wed 2 medium banana + 1 apple +1 glass skim milk See options in the snack list 2 small wraps moi=moi with 1 cup cole slaw I serving milked fruit salad (cucumber, pine apple papaya, apple, orange, water melon + lime)
Thurs 2 slices of bread with 50 worth of beans ball (akara)  or 1 portion of cereal See options in the snack list Unripe plantain porridge with fish or sweet potato porridge with fish + locust beans I serving vegetable salad
Fri 1 cup of pap or custard + milk with 150 beans ball or 70g intomic noodles + veggeis See option in the snack list 2 small wraps moi-moi with (cole slaw) or chicken with vegetable stir fry + 2 potato cubes 3 large banana+ 1 apple
Sat 2 boiled plantain (small) + fish and egg sauce See options in the snack I serving vegetable beans with fish I serving of fruit  varieties
Sun 2 medium banana, 1 apple and a glass of skim milk See options in the snacks list Cheat meal 1 medium bowl of water

For the two outstanding day repeat day 1 & 2 of the 1st week


weight loos picture

Meal Plan Key:

  • Corn salad
  • Recipe-boiled shredded corn or decobbed corn
  • Green bell pepper
  • Red bell pepper, green beans
  • Chopped carrots
  • Half avocado optional ¼ cup of water
  • A pinch of salt to taste, a table spoon of vegetable on procedure
  • Chop all ingredients and place in a bowl
  • Add the water to a pre heated sauce pan, add carrot first, allow for about 5-8 mins to boil
  • Then add the rest of the ingredients
  • Allow the water to dry then
  • Add your tsp of oil and stir fry
  • Add your avocado lastly and bring down
  • NB – without adding corn, it can be called mixed veggies
  • NB you can add a table spoon of liquid milk to your first salad can be chilled or refrigerated always add a squeeze of lime to taste
  • 1 serving means – just I portion for one person (not more than two medium serving spoons using a medium sized plate)

A cheat meal is a meal you have long desire which doesn’t  fall into the meal plan. (eg A plate of fried rice with chicken and a bottle of drink) please do not over eat a cheat meal stick to required pon/sin.

Below is an index for some of the terms you will meet in the meal options.

  • 1 portion cereal can be any of the following. 1 cup of regular golden morn, cornflakes, wheet bix
  • Milk – this means 2 full/heap table spoon of skim milk e.g dano skim milk, unsweetened. Almond or soy milk
  • Fruit is equivalent to the following – 1 medium apple, 2/3 cup pine apple drinks, 1 cup water melon cubes/drinks, 1 small mango, I small pear, 1 medium banana, 1 kiwi 2/3 cup paw paw/papaya ½ cup greed or red grapes
  • I piece of fish means the mid-section or tail of a medium fish (not fried please) preferably boiled
  • Pepper soup (fish or skinless chicken) should not contain more than 2 medium size piece
  • Veggies include any of the following or in combination spinach, scent leaf, bell pepper, carrot
  • I serving – means a meal just for one person at a time (not more than 2 medium dishing/serving spoon)

 Snack options

  • Baby carrots
  • Low fat yoghurt
  • 3 pieces/strecks of crackers biscuit (No chocolate or milky biscuit)
  • 1 small wasted corn/boiled corn
  • Cucumber
  • Garden egg
  • Coconut and brown bread toast
  • Apple slices

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For questions and clarifications, you can send me an email to or, and I will reply your message within 24 hrs.

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